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Welcome to Midnight Records!

– LATEST 60s / 70s CD UPDATE!

Browse thru over 50 YEARS of ROCK & ROLL and early BLUES & R&B! We offer many HARD TO FIND titles, INDEPENDENT RELEASES and LIMITED EDITIONS plus ROCK related BOOKS & MAGAZINES.

MIDNIGHT RECORDS has been serving the ROCK community for over 35 years!

We ship WORLDWIDE!!!

We can send you an update with all the new entries up to present. Just send us an email requesting it.

MIDNIGHT is now a mail-order and internet store. After 20 years our retail store at 255/263 West 23rd Street in New York has closed. You may visit us by appointment at our new location.

We thank you for your past and future support.

You may contact us by phone 212-675-2768, FAX 212-675-2768,

email: midnightrecords@attglobal.net


Midnight Guide to 60′s Obscurities

UK Psych US Pop-Psych US Garage-Psych UK Freakbeat

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If you are a fan of an artist or several artists or a genre (Psych, Surf, etc.) & have bought from MIDNIGHT RECORDS before, you can get on our ALERT LIST (new releases from Led Zep, Beatles, Kinks, etc.). Call us or just send an email to midnightrecords@attglobal.net with your details (your email address or better your daytime phone number) & we will contact you right away when a release of interest to you comes in or is just about to.

best store for rare garage and psychedelic imports

Unless you’re really familiar with ’60s garage, just walking into MIDNIGHT RECORDS could be bewildering. However, don’t be afraid to ask the super nice staff what just came out, or to look through the long, easy-to-decipher catalogue. Midnight has an amazing collection of import CDs from Japan, Australia, France, Italy and the U.K., as well as great “limited live” CDs. Plus, Midnight will special order anything. Note weird hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, noon to 6. 263 West 23rd Street, 675-2768.
-Village Voice BEST OF NYC October 23, 2001

MIDNIGHT RECORDS: The world’s largest mail-order vendor of independent and reissued rock ‘n’ roll CDs and LPs. Especially strong on fifties and sixties rock and new alternative rock.”
-Millenium Whole Earth Catalog

MIDNIGHT RECORDS Open only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, this store sells mainly through its Website and Catalogue, but the massive collection of rock-and-roll albums from 1950 to now (many rare and unusual recordings) is well worth a visit.
-New York Magazine Shops, Guide to Best Stores in New York Fall ’02 and Spring ’02

“If you’re yearning for that lost Canned Heat disc from your youth, check out this Chelsea storefront, a jumble of obscure grunge and psychedelia, including “imports you’ll never see again”; the owner buys on whim, so you might also stumble across a hot patch of mambo or a bitchin’ swell of surf rock in the dusty digs of what claims to be the world’s largest indie and reissue CD and LP mail-order house”
-N.B. Zagat Survey – New York City Shopping 2003


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EMAIL: midnightrecords@attglobal.net
MIDNIGHT RECORDS, P.O. Box 390, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10011


Please note: We WILL answer all your emails. In some cases that may take up to a week due to the nature of our business. Please be patient. We are not a large corporation. We are a small record store with a LARGE selection.

Open: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday / Noon – 6PM

Want a hard copy of our latest Catalogue #44? Send $1 (2 IRC’s overseas) to:
MIDNIGHT RECORDS, P.O. Box 390, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10011